From Saturday’s New York Times:

If you followed the rules — windows up, doors locked, absolutely no pets or convertibles — you could motor among packs of the fearsome creatures at Lion Country Safari, a drive-through wildlife preserve whose residents occasionally dislodged bumpers and gnawed on side-view mirrors.
But in November, Lion Country Safari enclosed its 14 African lions in a tall chain-link fence to keep rule-breaking visitors from becoming lunch. Too many were opening their car windows and occasionally even doors, a park official said, making the threat of lawsuits too great for the small attraction.
“People are just ignorant about this size animal,” said Terry Wolf, the park’s wildlife director, who began working there as a teenager shortly after it opened in 1967. “I don’t mean it in a derogatory way, but they watch a lot of Disney movies and think because we feed them every day that they’re tame.”

He might not mean in in a “derogatory” way, but I’ll come right out and say it: “Some people just ain’t right. Know what I mean?”