Today we’ll be saying goodbye to a great family friend. We’re selling our old Dodge minivan, Vincent (“Wow, look at that Vincent van go!”) We were going to trade it in when we bought our new Honda Odyssey van (christened Vincent 2, but also known as Homer, as in Homer’s Odyssey). But the dealer low-balled us on the trade in — after the deal was completed, the dealer lowered his offer for Vincent so we declined. We are selling Vincent to the niece of a friend of ours. She has a young family and travels a lot between the Twin Cities and Northern Minnesota.

Vincent has carried our family across this country, literally from California to the New York Islands (if you count the islands in the Finger Lakes). We took Vincent on one last great trip a year and a half ago to Yellowstone, the Badlands, the Black Hills and Montana (we even drove an hour west of Missoula into Idaho just so we could say we had been there). We’re really gonna miss our old friend.

Jesse will miss Vincent something awful so we decided to take her picture with our old friend one last time. That’s her above, just before she headed out to the bus stop this morning.

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