We went out last night with our neighbors, the Terzichs, Johnsons and Matschis, to see our friend Ted’s band, The Halloways. They played in a bar near my office in St. Paul. Great show (you can download several of their songs in mp3 format from their website, for all you folks who got iPods for Christmas). Then we came back to the Johnsons’ house (across the street from us) and rang in the New Year with the kids. At the stroke of midnight, the kids jumped up and down on bubble wrap and blew noisemakers. Jesse beat her homemade drum. It was quite a sight. I’ll post some pictures later — forgot the camera at their house.

Later in the evening, or should I say the New Year, Ted and I jammed a bit on guitar and harmonica with Lantz, The Halloways’ lead guitar player. Mostly they wanted me to play some old John Prine songs. I’m always happy to turn a new generation on to the master. More later.

Have a wonderful New Year. We’re thinking about all of you and hope to see everyone soon.

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